Identifying Carpet's Quality
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Identifying Carpet’s Quality

There are actually many closeted properties that can identify the carpet’s quality just by a simple glance at it while learning or identifying the quality of an average buyer can be very tough and difficult. When buying a carpet together with its quality, here are some properties/characteristics that must be considered:

Carpet Face weight

The weight of the carpet pile per square yard of carpet that is measured in ounces is face weight. As a buyer, you must still be careful of this. Many consumers are deceived into thinking that it is the only best way to determine the quality of the carpet because the face weight has been so heavily promoted. Don’t be confused because this is not the case as there are so many aspects and properties that affect the carpet’s weight.


The density of carpet refers to how closely tufted together the fibers are into the carpet backing. Select the one with the highest density value when comparing carpet’s for their different densities, since that one is the most durable of them all.

Identifying Carpet's Quality

Fiber twist

The fiber twist actually is one of the best standards of carpet quality which is usually missed by most. The number of times the strands of the fiber are twisted together is the fiber twist of a carpet. Within one-inch in length of a fiber is how it is measured as. Pointed to as turns-per-inch (TPI), this is known as a carpet’s twist number.

Type of fiber

The carpet’s type of fiber plays a very significant role in knowing the carpet’s quality. As conferred, by now you have learned of what type to avoid according to your liking.

Manufacturer warranty

You will be given together with it the manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase a carpet. Anyhow, you should remember that when the warranty uses the terms like ‘texture retention’, ‘abrasive wear’, and ‘exclusions.’ These terms could mean differently than what you are perceived to believe.

Carpet style

The style of the carpet is the last thing you should be cautious of is since it can influence and affects its performance. For the range in quality, there are actually a lot more styles available out there in the market. So you must really know what style is best for your family and living condition. You have to consider the style if you are going to place the carpet in the high traffic area of your home. Only you can decide and take into consideration the tips above.

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